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Eat St. Season 4

July 2, 2013

New Food Truck Ain’t Nothin’ but a Chowhound, May 25, 2011

Wheel and Deal with Jack’s ChowHound

Never Go Hungry at Lunch Again

Daily Candy, June 21, 2011

Food trucks have been popping up all around town, from the Green House Truck, to the Good Luck Food Truck, and the ever-so-kitschy Grillenium Falcon. Now, expect to spot another four-wheeled culinary wagon cruising around Dallas, as Jack’s Chowhound is set to hit the road in the next week or two.


“The menu is something I have been working on for about six months, and what you see is something all my friends enjoyed the most,” Jack Mooney, the mastermind behind Jack’s Chowhound, tells us. The truck’s menu offers everything from burgers to pulled-pork grilled-cheese sandwiches, meatball sliders, ice cream floats, pepperoni egg rolls and much more.


Mooney has been talking to the owners of Inwood Tavern about the possibility of parking his truck behind their building on the weekends. Other than that, he plans on “doing events, tailgate parties, catering, late night, festivals, you name it.” As for now, keep an eye on his Facebook page and Twitter for details.


Comfort Food, Now on Wheels

Urban Daddy, May 24, 2011

Last night’s game—epic. Dirk’s performance—legendary.


So today, we feel duty-bound to bring you something equally impressive. You know, like Pepperoni Egg Rolls from a truck.


Introducing Jack’s ChowHound, a new comfort food joint on wheels, slated to open next week.


Picture your favorite greasy food haunt. Now take away all the seats, put it on four wheels and then wrap it in wood panels. Add

some sunroofs for good measure, and you’ll have this. Walking up, you’ll catch a whiff of that new food truck smell (it

strongly resembles cheeseburgers). Your burger options range from staples (portobello) to the Bipolar Burger (the patty

combines hamburger and pork). But if you need something to hold you over until Game 5, order up the Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese or the Spicy Steak Sammies with fajitas.


Between Mavs madness and the pool scene, there’s been no shortage of tasty meat lately. Keep up the winning streak with Jack’s ChowHound. The new mobile lunch spot — which looks like the love child of an old mail truck and your mom’s wood-paneled station wagon — is parking it in front of Inwood Tavern.


The menu is heavy on hearty, hangover-curing items (pepperoni, marinara sauce, and cheese fried in an egg roll wrap; pulled pork and Gouda grilled cheese with barbecue sauce; steak sammies with aged cheddar and horseradish mayo), but there is a portobello burger with Swiss, spicy mayo, grilled onions, and sprouts. Prices are light at just $5 to $9, including hand-cut fries or Kettle chips.


It’s a total score.

15 Essential Dallas-Fort Worth Food Trucks

Dallas Eater, June 10, 2015 LINK

Any worthwhile listicle of trucks that serve food must pay respect to its forebearers, and Jack's Chowhound was one of the originals, laying the groundwork for the DFW food truck scene. Jack's Chowhound bills itself as comfort food on wheels: Their pulled-pork grilled cheese is every bit as oozing as it sounds, and sourcing their bread from Village Baking Company (just like Off-Site Kitchen) gives their big-ass burgers a sturdy, well-constructed base. With good ingredients and heaping portions as its pillars, Jack's has staying power.

The 10 Best Food Trucks in Dallas, November 14, 2013 LINK

One of the original Dallas food trucks, this wood-paneled truck celebrates all things meat—from the famous pulled-pork grilled cheese, to the steak frites with parmesan fries. If you’re truly hungry, Jack’s Chowhound is one of the best decisions you’ll make all day.

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